Patrice Murciano is a visual artist who was born on May 27th 1969 in Belfort and he grew up in the South of France.

He discovered his passion for art at an early age. Patrice started reproducing characters from comics when he was 6 years old. At the age of 8, he borrowed his mother’s make-up in which to draw portraits and female nudes. Patrice was fascinated by the great masters and he reproduced the masterpieces of Velásquez and Rembrandt on oil canvas boards.

His parents quickly understood that he had great talent and wanted Patrice to enter fine-art school. But close friends of the family, art connoisseurs and his art teacher worried that Patrice’s talent would be “affected” by a normal course at an art school. His parents, whose activities were far from art creation, let Patrice express freely his imagination on canvas. This helped him develop his unique artistic style.

Now Patrice is 43 years old and he still lives in the South of France, even if his regular exhibitions are held in New York, Osaka, Los Angeles, ... It was a great pleasure for us to interview Patrice Murciano and learn some interesting facts of his biography. We wish you a pleasant read and viewing of Patrice Murciano's paintings.

Main Exhibitions :

1998 à 2010 :

  1. -New York

  2. -Los Angeles

  3. -Osaka

  4. -Paris

  5. -Montpellier

2011 :

  1. -Galerie AUDRAS (Etoile)

  2. -Galerie CREA4 (MOULINS)

  3. -Musée Art contemporain de Bahia (Brésil)

2012 :

  1. -Galerie Hoche (Versailles FRANCE)

2013 :

  1. -Galerie Bruxelles

  2. -Galerie Hillier (ANGLETERRE)

  3. -Galerie Kurves (Montpellier FRANCE)

  4. -Casino Partouche (La Grande Motte FRANCE)

  5. -Le Polygone «centre commercial» (Montpellier France)


  7. -Galerie « Kellermann » (Dusseldorf - ALLEMAGNE )

  8. -Galerie PARIS.NEW-YORK ART  & DESIGN GALLERY (Luxembourg)

  9. -Brooklyn Museum « Portrait de JP Gaultier au sein de l’exposition « La planète mode de Jean-Paul Gaultier de la rue aux étoiles »  (NEW YORK - USA )

  10. -NRJ MUSIC AWARDS - Palais des festivals (CANNES FRANCE)

2015 :

  1. -Galeries Bartoux (

  2. -Galerie Marciano (Paris)


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