FAAB Gallery links up artists and exhibition venues and handles artwork transactions on the internet. There are many very talented artists that have difficult access to the public. Art can and must be democratized to be shared and correctly valued. The web is a perfect way to reveal these great talents and to give them credit and visibility. The Faab Gallery platform gives a rating to the exchanged artwork, with the knowledge of any art lover, including yours. FAAB Gallery promotes artists and gives a sensitive and dynamic identity to the exhibition places that welcome them. First of all, FAAB Gallery will be represented in both capitals London and Paris. We will develop an active network of art lovers to help and encourage the art market flow.


Alexandra Cherion, Jessica Arama

We are longtime lovers of art and we want to share our passion. We com from artists families, our passion has lead us to select excellent artists, who we are sure will seduce you. We have a dream, to make accessible our artists to a wider audience and promote their talent as easily as possible. The light of our artists is a new breath of air for the art market.